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Pre-Registration Seminar Fees
Member companies of the U.S. Poultry & Egg Association: $150 (USD)
Non-member companies: $300 (USD)
Government/University: $75 (USD)

Onsite Registration Fees
Member companies of the U.S. Poultry & Egg Association: $250 (USD)
Non-member companies: $400 (USD)
Government/University: $100 (USD)

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Why Should You Attend?
The U.S. poultry industry is the most innovative and progressive segment of animal agriculture. Subject to constant change, the industry must stay well-informed to maintain an edge. The U.S. Poultry & Egg Association seminar department works to ensure that the poultry industry receives the most up-to-date information about the various topics that impact it.

Have a Question?
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Feed Mill Management Seminar

The Feed Mill Management Seminar addresses practical ideas to improve production and efficiency in poultry feed production. Topics cover all milling functions from receiving ingredients to feed manufacturing to delivery.

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Human Resources Seminar

Human resources and people programs is one of the most important, yet complex, functions in today's poultry and egg industry. Regardless of how sophisticated equipment and machines may be, the success of a company ultimately depends upon its people. People are essential to manage and maintain the complex systems of today, and people must make vital day-to-day decisions.

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National Breeders Roundtable

The National Breeders Roundtable brings together breeder specialists and geneticists from industry, universities, and government to discuss the latest poultry breeding research and developments, along with genetic trends.

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Poultry Processor Workshop

The Poultry Processor Workshop emphasizes the importance of yield and grade in poultry processing, and identifies the most effective methods for maximum results. The workshop also features the latest information on processing technology and government inspection.

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Financial Management Seminar

The Financial Management Seminar ensures that industry financial managers stay informed of accounting practices and tax laws that affect the industry. The seminar also previews current economic conditions and future trends that impact poultry and egg firms.

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Hatchery-Breeder Clinic

A very critical factor in any poultry operation is its hatchery-breeder management. USPOULTRY's Hatchery-Breeder Clinic is one of the most informative seminars in the industry and is an effective way to keep your hatchery and breeder managers up to date on the latest technology, equipment, and management techniques. Hatchery and breeder basics are still as important as ever, since they form the foundation of an efficient operation. But this year's seminar, developed by a panel of hatchery-breeder specialists, not only focuses on the basics, it will also highlight cost-saving innovations for running an efficient and effective hatchery breeder operation. Don't miss this valuable opportunity to learn ways to increase performance, quality, and your bottom line.

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National Safety Conference for the Poultry Industry

Sponsored by Georgia Tech Research Institute, Georgia Poultry Federation, National Chicken Council, National Turkey Federation, USPOULTRY

The conference is designed specifically for poultry facility and corporate safety personnel, as a three-day event with key presentations on important industry topics and updates on government policy. Other highlights include breakout sessions for discussing best practices and current challenges, as well as networking and knowledge exchange opportunities with other safety and health professionals.

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Women's Leadership Conference

The Women's Leadership Conference encourages women in the poultry industry to continue their professional development. The conference emphasizes leadership and management traits, along with people skills, as women in the poultry and egg industry pursue their career goals.

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Live Production, Welfare & Biosecurity Seminar

Aimed at live production managers, veterinarians, and service representatives, the Live Production, Welfare & Biosecurity Seminar addresses the latest management techniques, husbandry, and technology to enhance the health and welfare of the bird.

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Environmental Management Seminar


U.S. Poultry & Egg Association's Environmental Management Seminar communicates the latest trends, technology and best practices for poultry industry environmental management in production and processing.

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Poultry Protein & Fat Seminar


The Poultry Protein & Fat Seminar concentrates on developing uses and maximum value for poultry by-products. The seminar highlights innovative processing systems, emerging technology, and new ideas for an efficient plant and quality products.

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